Dental Wellness

A Philosophy of Our Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

Dental Wellness, our medical model, is a philosophy of practice that deals with preventing decay and in treating and preventing gum disease. Our Dental Wellness program is based on the Caries and Periodontal Risk Assessment Protocol established at the First International Consensus Conference on Risk Assessment. Risk assessment is established by means of a detailed history and clinical exam along with various salivary and bacterial testing.

At our elegantly appointed cosmetic dentistry Toronto facility, we treat each patient with the utmost dedication and attentiveness. We work closely with all of our patients to develop and implement comprehensive dental wellness plans that consistently produce highly rewarding aesthetic results. Dr. Glazer’s training and experience allow him to recommend and perform a variety of advanced dental procedures to provide patients with smiles that are both beautiful and healthy. He enjoys a reputation as a talented Toronto dental implantsporcelain veneers and other prosthodontics procedures specialist. He performs all procedures with patients’ safety and comfort in mind. Dr. Glazer is able to help even the most anxious of his Toronto cosmetic dentistry patients relax and enjoy their dental experience by using sophisticated sedation dentistry techniques.