Temporomandibular Joint Disorders:

A family of problems relating to your jaw joint. TMJ refers to a condition whereby the jaw bones, muscles and ligaments are not aligned properly. When the harmony between these structures is disrupted, the patient might experience difficulty chewing, yawning and/or talking. Some Toronto TMJ patients also suffer from toothaches, headaches and earaches. To relieve these painful symptoms, TMJ patients should see Dr. Glazer, a qualified Toronto TMJ specialist, who can restore proper bite by providing them with orthodontics and/or restorations, such as dental implants and porcelain veneers.

As a highly experienced Toronto TMJ therapy specialist, Dr. Glazer can evaluate your bite and provide you with effective TMJ treatment. Dr. Glazer’s post graduate training in prosthodontics included two years of study in a Jaw Disorder Clinic at the University of Toronto under the tutelage of professor George Zarb a world famous teacher and scholar.

As part of the prosthodontics post-graduate program, I completed a peer-reviewed dissertation on internal derangement of the TMJ. The joint and the surrounding musculature are extremely sensitive to all dental work, and care must be taken not to damage this delicate structure in the pursuit of dental treatment.

To help his patients relax during their TMJ treatments, Dr. Glazer uses several sophisticated techniques for sedation dentistry in Toronto, such as oral conscious sedation.