Photo Shoot

Undergoing a smile makeover treatment is often a truly life-changing experience. Many patients seeking porcelain veneers, dental implants and/or teeth whitening in Toronto are positively surprised by the amazing aesthetic transformation achieved through these procedures. To help his Toronto cosmetic dentistry patients celebrate their new smiles, Dr. Glazer offers photo sessions whereby artistic photos are taken highlighting his patients’ beautiful, bright teeth. Please read the following information explaining how to prepare for your photo session at Dr. Glazer’s cosmetic dentistry Toronto office.


All the photographs will be taken by Dr. Glazer and his staff. 

Make Up Basics for Color Portrait Photography 

Women should bring their makeup kit with them and consider visiting their hair stylist the day before the shoot or the morning of an afternoon session.

Preparing for your  photo shoot:

Make Up:

1. Foundation: a base skin colored product.

Application: applied generously because the color accentuates (captures) the “real” you.

Please wear a medium to heavy foundation with a matte base.  Avoid a foundation that is too pale, or products with glimmer or shimmer, bright eye shadow (eyeliner needs to be softened, apply sparingly with a brush  on lower lid.


2. Concealer:

We will supply a concealer if needed to cover any blemishes, brown spots or dark under eye circles.  We will also have hand oil blotting papers and powders (white).

3. Lip Gloss:

We have found that lip gloss, when shooting smiles is essential in creating the frame.  Lip gloss creates a shiny surface making the lips appear larger.

Gloss can be used for both men and women, for women we have found that a high gloss is perfect.  Darker shades of lipstick look best for women.  For men we recommend a Vitamin C stick which is a natural lip moisturizer that provides a colorless moisture based shine which looks natural and healthy.


Avoid clothing with patterns or stripes or anything loud or brightly coloured.

Solid dark colours are most complimentary, colours like burgundy, dark green, deep blue, navy and black.

V-necks, short sleeves,or sleeveless apparel work well for younger people. If you are older thinking about camoflaging unattractive body parts. Tight clothing is not suggested for heavier subjects whereas loose clothing makes thin people appear heavy.

Comfort is the key and it is suggested to bring along several  changes of clothing to choose from.

Younger trimmer women look great wearing strapless or halter tops.


The focus is on your face and beautiful smile and so your jewelry should be minimal.


Your skin looks best when you are well rested and hydrated.  Try not to hide your skins personality: flaunt your freckles but cover any blemishes.


Do not get your haircut the day before your have your photos taken (Rule of thumb is 1 week).  If you color your hair, make sure the roots are not beginning to show.


Trim ear and nostril and have the back of your neck shaved 1 day before the shoot.  Ask your barber to trim bushy eyebrows 7-10 days before the shoot.  If your photos are scheduled for the afternoon, consider shaving beforehand.


Schedule facial waxing or brow arching services a couple of days before your shoot and do not have a facial within 4 days of your appointment.