Prosthodontics is a specialty in dentistry involving the restoration, maintenance and replacement of natural teeth and their surrounding structures; in essence, the management of a patient’s oral rehabilitative needs.

Prosthodontists function as the internists of dentistry, as they not only reconstruct but also guide their patients through the complexities of oral rehabilitation. They weigh benefit and risk and advise on the best outcome and long term prognosis for complex dental procedures. This might only involve simple bleaching and a timely referral to another specialist. Prosthodontics includes the creation of crowns and bridgework to replace missing teeth and to repair those teeth which have been ravaged by both time and disease. Toronto prosthodontist Dr. Glazer also focuses on the creation of full and partial dentures for the replacement of bone and soft tissue. For those patients who are missing only one or several teeth, he offers the sophisticated dental implants treatment.


As the prosthodontic editor of Oral Health, a canadian dental journal with distribution to over 18,000 dentists nationally, I am responsible for overseeing the content of all prosthodontic articles that are submitted to the journal for publication. This editorial board appointment, along with my teaching commitment at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry keeps me on the cutting edge of current knowledge in prosthodontics and sedation dentistry. I am a firm believer that properly informing my Toronto cosmetic dentistry patients about their treatment leads to better results. I listen closely to my patients’ desires and answer any questions they may have to better understand their aesthetic and prosthodontic goals. Whether my patients wish to receive dental implants, porcelain veneers or simple-yet-effective teeth whitening treatments, I carefully explain each and every procedure, including a discussion of the projected outcomes and possible complications.