Sedation Dentistry in Toronto
Dr. Bruce Glazer

Anaesthesia (Sedation Dentistry):

The special interest area in dentistry providing comfortable sedation for all dental procedures but especially prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Unlike local anaesthesia (freezing) which is used to block pain sensation , general anaesthesia is a modality which will produce, if desired by the anaesthesiologist, varying degrees of unconsciousness.

I received specialized training in dental anaesthesia at the University of Toronto under the tutelage of professor Robert Locke and graduated in 1970. I have practiced sedation dentistry in Toronto from that time right up until the present. I was the co-founder and the past president of the Ontario Dental Society of Anaesthesia and as part of my continuing commitment to education have taught physiology, pharmacology and anaesthesia at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry.

My office takes pride in my unique qualification to provide all forms of dental treatment concurrent with anaesthesia. Sedation dentistry techniques eliminate the discomfort and stress during dental procedures, such as porcelain veneers, crowns and dental implants. These and other dental procedures can be completed while you sleep. With the aid of anæsthesia, treatment can be given much more safely, more efficiently, and with more precision than you have ever experienced.

The procedure for sedation in all its various forms is similar-nothing to eat or drink 6-8 hours preop and the availability of a responsible adult to take you home; the exception is gas oxygen sedation. You are monitored throughout your entire Toronto sedation dentistry procedure and in most cases require no recovery afterwards. It is very much like the sedation that is offered during a colonoscopy, except it is far more profound.

Using short acting sedatives and general anaesthetic agents I can alter your consciousness so that you are totally unaware of your surroundings and completely comfortable. Since graduating from the Anaesthesia program at the University of Toronto in 1970, I have administered more than 10,000 sedation dentistry treatments for my Toronto teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, endodontics and other procedures patients.